The Best MMA Gloves for Sparring, Training & Competition

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re in it to get a better shape, a new kid on the block simply beginning or an accomplished warrior venturing once again into the cage, the MMA gear is important. Hitting the gym without the MMA gear like MMA gloves, mouth guards and hand wraps is a decent approach to get hurt. You have to protect yourself with headgear, elbow and knee pads and shin protectors available online- buy MMA equipment’s only from the top suppliers.

High-quality MMA gloves and great hand wraps is fundamental to both beginners and seasoned MMA experts. Wraps and gloves are the most vital bit of MMA gear you can purchase. In addition to gloves and wraps, you will require gear for different parts of your MMA training. For example, Thai pads, speed bags, heavy bags, training dummies, punch mitts, crucial for MMA training to help enhance power, speed, reflexes and endurance.

MMA is a fun, compensating sport for beginners and fitness freaks alike, however, the correct gear is required and the right safety steps should be taken to shield you from wounds. Discover all the MMA gloves online.

 Description of MMA sparring gloves

  • Moulded foam padding makes it the safest training glove in MMA
  • Fully open palm allows for the skin on skin contact to grip your opponent.
  • Leather striking surface for long last durability.
  • Contented ergonomic fit.
  • Hinged knob permits for a full range of motion.
  • Wrap around wrist strap for lockdown wrist support

The size of MMA gloves:

Size Hand circumference
YM 6” – 6 ¾ ”
YL 6 ½” – 7”
S 6 ¾” – 7 ½ ”
M/R 7 ¼ ” – 8 ¾ ”
L 8 ½” – 9 ¾”
XL 9 ½ ” – 10 ½ ”
XXL 10 ½ ” +

MMA glove weights:

MMA glove weights differ on the basis of the type and function of the glove. Training gloves weigh more than competition gloves since they have more cushioning to protect your hands from injury. Sparring gloves are heavier to protect your competing accomplice from harm.

Based on the type of gloves you require, here’s a list of weight:

  • Competition: 4-6 ounces
  • MMA Sparring: 7-10 ounces
  • Boxing Sparring: 14-16 ounces
  • Bag Gloves: 10-12-14-16 ounces
  • Hybrid: 7-10 ounces

Key factors in choosing our MMA glove type:

  • Competition
  • Training
  • Sparring


  • 100% leather
  • Padding
  • Solid Velcro wrist strap

Top MMA gloves online

  • Hayabusa
  • Fairtex
  • Venum
  • Combat Sports
  • Everlast

In case in doubt, go for quality in your gloves. It’s ideal to purchase a superb glove that keeps going than replacing shoddy MMA gloves because of untimely wear. Purchasing the best MMA gloves can be a decent venture for your training and will last months and years.

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