Factors to consider while buying online MMA Thai pads

While buying MMA Thai pads, one should check for the best quality that makes a great set of these pads. And, while selecting a Thai pad online – one should take care of following major factors.

Thickness of the Pads:

One of the major factors while buying a Thai pad is the thickness of the pads. The smaller pads can have easy access in holding. But they would not offer the same protection as compared to the thicker pads.

While buying online MMA Thai pads you should check if the pad has enough padding, because it is needed to withstand the shock from each kick.

Shape and Size:

The next thing one has to take care is the shape as well as the size of the pads. The sizes differ according to need from short to extra-large. The small size is most suited for women.

The shape of the Thai pads differs according to the brands. Some of the pads are short while some are longer. The longer ones are bulky and difficult to hold or kick. There are hybrid pads, which allow the pad holder to become more active and are usually the combination of Thai pads and boxing pads.

Curved and Straight Pads:

The next thing you should consider is the curvature of the pad. Usually, the pads which are not curved in shape are more difficult to kick. More will be the curvature more will the comfort in holding pads.

The same thing you should consider while buying the best chest guard online. The pads which have curves are better than the straight ones, but costs much higher than them.

Price vs Quality:

The MMA pads are made in Thailand and are  better quality than those which are manufactured in different places. You can get low cost pads that are made in China or Mexico, but they usually don’t last long.

Thailand is a hub for manufacturing Thai pads for more than a century and they produce the best quality pads. While buying online MMA Thai pads, one should take care of quality rather than its price because a cheaper pad can end up making a lot of damage than it should actually do.

If you want to make your MMA Thai pad last longer, one should make them dry properly after every time one uses them. Because it gets moisture after each round of the sport which can be fine for some days, but doing it on a constant basis can make leather tear.

Everyone will be tempered to purchase cheap MMA Thai pads, but I strongly recommend to purchase the quality pads only. These pads will not only enhance your protection, but also enhance the life of your pads.

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